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NEPS News Service

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Nagaland, INDIA
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The Journey of NEPS News Service


In the year 2002, some committed and promising young journalists in Nagaland, mooted the idea of launching an “Independent News Service.”

Within a few weeks’ time, the proper name of the “News Service” as North East Press Service (NEPS) could be shaped as on December 12, 2002 and finally NEPS had come into a reality not only in the North East but also in many parts of India and the world.

In the same year of launching our News Service, an Online News Portal Service of NEPS could be first successfully registered in the United States of America (USA) with the help of a friend and with this, the Service rose to an unprecedented scale and perhaps NEPS News Service was one of the pioneers of “Independent News Service” published from North East based in Kohima having its own Online News Service Portal.

During these long eventful years, the NEPS journalists had contributed remarkable scoops by interviewing high profile National, Regional and State politicians and also top brass of various National Workers and that hit the headlines not only in the Region, Nation but also around the world.

Today, NEPS’s reputation and integrity has been intact in various circles – be it in the political and bureaucratic corridors of Delhi or many State capitals, etc.


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