Public lambast Biren’s government on banning Internet

IMPHAL | Sept 22 (IFP) : There have been widespread negative reactions from the public regarding the mobile internet ban imposed by Biren’s government. In a poll taken by IFP, there is absolutely no feedback saying that banning the internet over the MU issue is called for. The ban began on September 21 morning after CM Biren directed the pro VC, K Yugindro to file an FIR against the university teachers and students, which led to subsequent arrests of the university campus by police and the arrest Read more [...]

Impact of social media while our elections & politics groping in the dark

By Oken Jeet Sandham Literally, every person on the street has Facebook Account. In other countries and even in major Indian cities, whether cobbler or rickshaw puller or barber or vegetable vender, they mostly have social media accounts, particularly Facebook. Almost every restaurant – whether small or big – has free Internet facilities through Wi-Fi. Everyone coming to the restaurants is normally seen enjoying free Internet facilities through the Wi-Fi services, while enjoying various Read more [...]