Awareness Campaign on Medicinal & Aromatic Plant held

KOHIMA, Mar 5: Government of India Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises Branch-MSME Development Institute Dimapur, Nagaland in Association with MSME-Technology Center Imphal and Nagaland Bio Resource Mission, Kohima organized One-day Awareness Campaign on Medicinal & Aromatic Plant at the Conference Hall, Directorate of Land Resource Development on March 5, 2019. 

A total of 30 farmers from Kohima and Phek attended the One-day Awareness Campaign on Medicinal & Aromatic Plant.

Inaugurating the program, Special invitee, T. Imkonglemba Ao, Principal Secretary & Agriculture Production Commissioner & Mission Director, NBRM said that was a new set up and the first time where MSME and the Bioresource were in collaboration to work together. MSME was set up in all the states but unfortunately, nothing much could be made productive because of people’s mentality to look for the bigger picture ignoring the smaller one, yet MSME brings 70 % of the industrial annual production.

He said for any sector the grass root level units should be given much importance for starting any large scale industries. Power was a factor which they needed to consider to venture into any sector of industries. Marketing outlets, as well as transportation cost, should be calculated and planned before setting up any new venture. Perishable items become a loss in transportation so he urged the MSME group to venture out by providing production machine introducing portable machines in a landscape like northeast as the topography and road conditions become unsuitable.

He quoted ‘Our venture in this sector is so near yet so far’. Nagaland is richly blessed with lots of areas to cultivate organic products and has discovered more than 700 items labeled to be medicinal crops and plants yet they tend to ignore this.

‘Entrepreneur – Business with an innovative mind’ remarked MSME – TC Imphal, Dr. Yoiren Tomba Singh. He said that their environment and landscape was a gold mine on medicinal and aromatic plants and it’s high time to spread awareness and focus exploring to its maximum. Since they had good knowledge of Traditional medicines, they should realize that the sector could be turned to a vast commercial sector and generate income into a larger scale.  A hindrance to the farmers was that they ignored to explore the market outlet which is a vital step for any entrepreneur to chalk out and plan their venture.

He said MSME aims to turn traditional farmers to entrepreneurs. MSME can take the main role in developing and facilitating the farmers giving technical support and training by adopting different methods on how and which crop to be cultivated accordingly along with the region suitable for that particular plant.

Later, preview on the program was briefed and highlighted by Assistant Director, MSME-DI Dimapur, Nagaland, M. Sabarigiri. The programme was chaired by Team Leader, NBRM, Dr. Kruolalie Tsurho and the vote of thanks was proposed by Team Member, NBRM, Lanusunep Aier.

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