AMUCO demands clear cut stance of govt. on Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

IMPHAL, Jan 9 (IFP): All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) has asked the central and State government to make a clear cut stance over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019 by looking in the public interest before it is passed in the Rajya Sabha.

Speaking to media persons today at AMUCO’s office in Kwakeithel, its president, Ph. Deban said though the bill might not give any impact to big states of India, it will provide a big push to eradicate the indigenous peoples of small states like Manipur and other states of northeast.

Unlike Mizoram and Nagaland, our State does not have a specific act or system to save the indigenous people and the population of indigenous people is also very low, he said. Therefore, we feel more apprehension, he added.

Explaining that the bill will be giving citizenship to illegal immigrants who have settled in the country for six years, the president questioned the government, “What is the ground for keeping 1951 or 1971 as base year in the ILP system?”

The central as well as the state government need to know that the people of the northeast are against the bill as it is evident from yesterday’s general strike supporters in different states imposed by North East Students’ Organisation (NESO), continued Deban.

He said the opposition as well as the ruling must also oppose the said bill if they truly work in public interest.

“AMUCO is all set to launch intensive forms of agitation by joining hands with the civil and students bodies of the northeast states if the bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha. We have already started contacting with the civil and student bodies,” cautioned the president.

AMUCO vice president, Ph. Nando supplemented that we share our solidarity to the yesterday’s general strike supporters who were injured in police firing.

“The bill is a policy of genocide initiated by the central government to suppress and eradicate the indigenous people,” he added.

General secretary, Porei Leima Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur, Thongam Apabi, who also attended the press meet, said the MPs of the state should also oppose the said bill in the Parliament.

She cautioned that incidents more severe than June 18 may arise, if such a bill is turned into act.

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