CORCOM boycotts PM Modi’s visit, calls total shut down

IMPHAL, Jan 2 (IFP): The proscribed umbrella organisation Coordination Committee (CORCOM) has imposed a total shut down in the State on January 4 against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s visit alleging the trip is organised for strengthening India’s colonial stronghold in the State. PM’s visit has the agenda to show upon the world that Kangliepak (Manipur) is an indispensable part of India, said a release signed by media coordinator, LibaakNgaakpa Luwang. After Manipur was forcefully merged into India on October 15 with the signing of merger agreement under coercion by the then King Budhchandra, the State has been kept under oppression, it alleged. Instead of bringing progress to the life of the people, they are made to become docile and dependent, it alleged.  After the Biritsh left, India continued its divide and rule policy by keeping differences between the hill communities and those residing in the valley, it added. Enmities have been created among the State’s communities that have been living together for eons, and much bloodshed had occurred as a result, it further alleged. The boundaries of Manipur that were protected by the forefathers with their lives, had been repeatedly broken down, it maintained. Such violations will continue upon the small communities as long as Kangliepak (Manipur) exist as their colony, it added.
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