Admission in State Sports Academy

Admission in State Sports Academy

KOHIMA, Dec 18 (NEPS): Director, Youth Resources & Sports, Nagaland, Akumla Chuba has informed that the selection for admission into State Sports Academy, I.G. Stadium, Kohima which was held on 11/12/2018 in Archery (boys & girls) and Football (girls) disciplines, the following undermentioned candidates are hereby declared selected for admission to the I.G. Academy, Kohima for the academic session 2019.


  1. Akono Rikha
  2. Kutuvelu Vadeo
  3. Razousano Puro
  4. Vephrita Rakho
  5. P. Mongai Phom
  6. Vephuzo


  1. Thujolo Yhobu
  2. Kevikhrieü Metha
  3. Visanole Mekro
  4. Vilasano Mekr

The selected candidates have been directed to contact the following concern coaches, failing which their names will he dropped from the selected list without any prior notice. The candidates are required to report alongwith necessary bedding and sports related kits.

  1. Neisevotuo Terhase, Archery Coach – 8787751136.
  2. Ropfu Meyase, Jr. State Football Coach – 763009S992.
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