Dogs are behind mysterious killings of livestock: Shyamkumar
Th. Shyamkumar speaking to media persons. (IFP Photo)

Dogs are behind mysterious killings of livestock: Shyamkumar

IMPHAL | Dec 6 (IFP): The mysterious creatures behind all the killing of domestic livestock during the past two months in the State are ‘dogs’ according to the surveillance conducted by a team of scientist from the Wildlife Institute of India, claimed Forest minister, Th. Shyamkumar. Speaking to media persons today at the secretariat’s office chamber of the minister, he said according to the CCTV camera footage installed recently at different suspected locations, it has been found that almost all the attacks are by dogs. Asserting that the Forest and Environment departments are working at their best level to conserve the eco-system of the State and, he said the public does not need to feel apprehension regarding the continuous killing of livestock as the departments has already taken up steps to prevent it. Pointing out that most of the pet owners are not following the appropriate norms for rearing pets, Shyamkumar appealed all the dog owners to collar their dogs and to keep them indoor. He also warned that un-collared dogs will be rounded up by the authorities to prevent any upcoming of unwanted incidents like the recent ‘mysterious killing of life stocks.’ Prior to the minister’s conference, the forest department has convened similar media interaction at its head office, Sanjenthong. The press conference was also attended by principal chief conservator of forest, Angami, chief conservators of forest Anurag Bhajpai, Th. Mahendra Pratap, experts of WII etc. Gopi GV, one of the experts of WII, Dehradhun, told reports that it (the team) would continue with their investigation until they come out with a solid result to confirm although ‘indirect evidences’ collected so far points at “stray dogs” responsible for the mysterious killings of livestock. To enable to bring the investigation to a conclusion soon, he appealed to the people of the state to cage the pet (Dog) properly for some more days during the night. The expert said that in compliance to Manipur Government’s request on November 29, to conduct an investigation to the string of killings of livestock, a five-member team commenced since December 2. With the incident triggering tension and panic, the team swung into action using all possible ways and means, and expertise. But, as of now they could not get confirmatory result, he said. However, studying the indirect evidences such as pugmark, footprint, leftover hair, and faecal matter that have been collected from affected areas such as Ningomthong, Langthabal, Chingmeiron and sangaiprou, it is highly suspected that the responsible predators could be a canine family, he added. He said similar cases had occurred in Kerala, Orissa, perpetrated by canine animal. Citing the reason of suspecting dog as a predator, most of the photographs and video footage collected from installed camera found dogs entering in premises of livestock rearing areas. In addition to this, stray dogs have the instinct of attacking animals during their lactating period and indirect evidences also corroborated the same. The expert cited that poor and unhygienic husbandry practice and having open garbage could be the main reason for the attacks. According to latest report of forest department, 162 livestock have been killed in 42 incidents since October 27. The first mass killing of fowls was reported in Chiengkawnpang village of Churachandpur district and later spread across the state including Imphal areas. In retaliation to the attacks on livestock, four animals have been killed including Mongoose, Fruit Bat, Chinese Ferret badger and a Leopard cat.
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