“We learned to keep our identity, roots through festivals:” Governor
Governor PB Acharya giving away the Cleanest Village Award 2018 to Kitami Village during the inaugural of the Thuwuni at the Pughoboto Local Ground on November 15, 2018. (APRO Pughoboto)

“We learned to keep our identity, roots through festivals:” Governor

KOHIMA, Nov 15: Governor of Nagaland, P.B Acharya inaugurated the 4th edition of the three-day Thuwuni, the ultimate outdoor festival held at the Pughoboto Local Ground on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said the festival was celebrated to thank God. He said through festivals, they learned to keep their “identity and roots.” “We need to give importance and cherish our own mother tongue,” he said and further called upon the people that they had to change education system to “improve, strengthen and empower our villages.” Earlier, commemorating the festival, National Anthem and Aphuyemi Anthem music were played during the opening ceremony. Acharya also lit the traditional rituals (Itsa)-the fire making. Adding that each village was unique, he lauded the local MLA and the whole team including the Ambassador of Swachh Bharat and the convener, Alobo Naga for creating an exceptional idea for the people.  He stated their knowledge should be for the society and urged the people not be self-centered. Governor mentioned that unless they woke up and changed the mindset, India would never be strong. He encouraged the people of Pughoboto to establish private college and further added that the GHS Pughoboto was value-added. He also highlighted on the Look East Policy. MLA, Y.Vikheho Swu, speaking on Thuwuni, said that Thuwuni Festival means “to grow or to progress”. He also informed that this year they had chosen a separate date for Thuwuni as many villages wanted to celebrate the Sumi post-harvest festivals – ‘Ahuna’ – on their own. The MLA said among other activities, music was no doubt been one of the main attractions and crowed puller during Thuwuni, and the credit went to Alobo Naga for bringing many artists from different parts of the country to perform during the festival. He said this year also, Alobo Naga managed to bring an international artist to Pughoboto, thereby making Thuwuni an international event. He sought cooperation from the people of Pughoboto to look sincerely into the diverse objectives of the festival and strive towards achieving them. Swu said the “main objective of the festival is to promote the economic growth of the region.” He said to begin the journey; they decided to extensively use products which were locally produced. “Agriculture products and any other production can be brought to the festival for selling and developing a long term business relationship with the buyers,” he added. Swu stated that efforts were also being made to encourage farmers to create collection centers in the villages and at strategic locations in the sub-division through the assistance and support of Village Council so that agriculture products could be sold or passed on to the markets throughout the year. SDPDB Pughoboto chairman said Thuwuni festival was in many ways belonged to the SDPDB. From the 1styear to this 4th edition, the board’s role and contribution making the success of festival had been tremendous. He thanked Engineers of the Power department for installing new 63 KV transformer in the new stadium on a war footing. Swachh Bharat Marathoon race was also conducted which was flagged off by Swu. The Governor also distributed prizes to the winners of the Marathon race and also Cleanest Village Award 2018 to Kitami village. The Tree Plantation Awards were bagged by Shesulimi, Natsumi and Chisololimi as first, second and third respectively. Governor also witnessed the Indigenous & Traditional Games of Folk Dance performed by Kichilimi and the top spinning by Ghokimi Village. The Qhetubo Kimilipu (greased pole climbing) Competition was participated by Mishilimi, Pughoboto, Natsumi, Awohumi, Shesulumi, Mukalimi, Iqhanumi, Kilomi, and Tukuliqa. Sumi traditional female sports and Bamboo stilt race and Sumi kick fight competition were also performed on the first day.
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