‘Out of NE’s 196 vulnerable languages, Manipuri language ranked 140th’

IMPHAL | Sept 15 (IFP): UNESCO Club Manipur is set to organise a month long campaign to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the signing of UN Charter which also known as United Nations Day.

The campaign will be held from September 23 to October 24 under the theme of ‘Peace and Development through Education’ with an objective to preserve and promote endangering language and dialects of the state, said joint secretary of UNESCO Club Manipur, Thokchom Chandramani Singh in a press conference held today at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul.

He said that the campaign will be organised in collaboration with other associations that includes Meetei Marup, Apokpa Marup, Maichou Ningshing Lup Khurai, Lairembi Shintha Lup Khurai, Leitai Nungdai Sinai Lup Wangkhei and Ragongning Gangmei.

The campaign will be flagged off by chairman and managing director of Salai Holding Private Ltd., Narengbam Samarjit Singh.

Chandramani said that according to latest findings of UNESCO, out of 6000 total languages of the world, it is expected that 3000 languages will be extinct in next century. And the saddest part of the record is that out of 196 total languages of northeast India, Manipuri language is enlisted in 140th rank under the category of vulnerable languages and some Manipuri dialects are already declared as extinct. Therefore, the people of state must think of preserving, promoting and rejuvenating all those dialects and languages before it is too late, he suggested.

Stating the main programme of one month long campaign, he said that during this period discussion on various topics will be held. It includes ‘Know Your Regional History’, ‘Preservation and Promotion and Revitalisation of endangered or extinct languages’, ‘Discussion on ‘Sakok Thiren’, classical holly book of Meeteis’, ‘Promotion and Preservation of Indigenous Scripts of Manipuri (both hills and valley)’ and ‘Honouring and Recognition of imminent personalities of the state’.

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