O. Joy warns to carry out Mass movement against A.P. Pandey

IMPHAL | Sept 13 (IFP) : There will be no easy and steady solutions to the Manipur University crisis which is very unfortunate for the students of the state, said former minister, O. joy and further appealed the people to teach a lesson to the vice-chancellor if he continues to work against the interest of the people.

Speaking with media persons in his residence at Kakwa today, O. Joy said that wasting 106 days in a year is a great loss for the students.

Ministry of human resource have performed many activities regarding education but they still do not perform their role in solving the Manipur University crisis and even the state government does not have the guts to speak out and pressurise the Centre, he added.

He said the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed between the university committee, chief minister and his council of ministers, MLAs and joint secretary from Delhi and a representative from ministry of HRD and also the chief secretary of Manipur, after which professor, Viswanath was given the VC-in charge while the VC was given a leave until the report of the two member independent enquiry committee was implemented.

Then on August 13, the university community and other social organisations opened the university and brought normalcy in the university to a certain extent.

Adding that the vice-chancellor has performed many unwanted activities after taking charge of his post, Joy said that on September 3, the vice-chancellor resumed his duty and later issued different orders from a transit camp and eliminated MUTA and MUSU with the charge that the two indulge in subversive activities and they are also against the law. But the Constitution of India has given a right to form an association as a fundamental right and India has been govern and protected by the rule of law without which there will be no democracy at all, he added.

While there was an investigation undergoing over A.P. Pandey, he appointed professor, Jugindro as the pro vice-chancellor which is against the norms of appointment and the vice-chancellor has no authority to recommend the post, said Joy.

Violating the memorandum of agreement, the return of Pandey has brought confusion, fear and panic to the people, he added.

He also said that the behaviour and arrogant act of Pandey is to hold on to his post even if it affects the academics of the students in the state and it is not a professional conduct of a vice-chancellor.

Saying that Centre, state government and people are helpless, Joy questioned whether Pandey should be given freedom to continue his act of spoiling the career of the students.

He further said that Pandey must be detained under National Security Act in order to stop him from doing any other unwanted activities which can disturb the public order. He further warned that there will be mass movement from the people of Manipur in one voice and one movement if the vice-chancellor continues to work against the interest of the people.

Today, the former minister had also submitted a representation to the governor to take up appropriate and drastic actions against A.P. Pandey while mentioning various improper acts of the vice-chancellor.

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