BJP Minister Along new President for Nagaland BJP

KOHIMA, Jun 19 (NEPS): Nagaland BJP Minister for Higher Education and Technical Education, Temjen Imna Along, has been appointed as State President of Nagaland BJP with immediate effect replacing sitting State President, Visasolie Lhongo.

This appointment has been done from the Central BJP and the State BJP had no hand in it, Dr. M Chuba Ao, former State President of Nagaland BJP, told NEPS over the phone from Dimapur today.

When asked whether there was any division within the State BJP, Ao denied having any differences within the State BJP saying this time the appointment was done directly from the Central BJP.

Another source revealed that the Central BJP has already hinted sometime back that they would be looking for someone who was resourceful in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in 2019. Finally, they could zero in on Minister Along to be the rightful candidate for the post of State President of Nagaland BJP, the source further stated.

Mention may be made that Along’s first time speaking Hindi in the first Session of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly in March this year was a shot in the arm for BJP in the country. During that time, Opposition NPF Members objected to his speaking in Hindi in the Assembly saying that he violated the RULE No. 28 of the “RULES OF PROCEDURE AND CONDUCT OF BUSINESS IN NAGALAND LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY.”

The Rule 28 says, “The Business of the Assembly shall be transacted in English or in Naga-Assamese:

Provided that if any Member cannot express himself in any of the languages aforesaid he may address the Assembly in his mother tongue:

Provided further that he shall make over in advance a copy of such speech to the Secretary written in English.”

Along, however, requested the Speaker to allow him to speak in Hindi for just a few seconds. Speaker allowed him to do so. After a few seconds, he started speaking in English in a very polished, classic and fluent way.

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