Kuzholuzo questions PDA Government’s “anti-VIP” tamasa

KOHIMA, Mar 23 (NEPS): After years of dull Assembly Sessions due to the complete absence of Opposition Members in the Nagaland Assembly, the spirit of democracy has returned today as formidable NPF Members in the 13th Assembly pulled up the new NDPP-led Democratic People’s Alliance (PDA) Government for their “decisions” which, they described as ridiculous.

Participating in the debate today on the Governor’s Address, Opposition NPF MLA Kuzholuzo Nienu while ripping the new PDA Government’s much-touted “Change is coming” slogan ridiculed their decision to do away with the “VIP culture” saying it was meaningless when Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Speaker were moving with full escorts.

“They are all elected Members having the same status,” declared Nienu and further explained that if the Government really wanted to remove the “VIP culture” successfully, all Members including Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and Speaker should not use escorts and security personnel like other Members.

So when the Leader of House said that he would remove “VIP culture,” the Opposition NPF supported but they said it would be only in Kohima and Dimapur, whereas they have been using full escorts as seen in Kohima. “So the VIP culture is still continuing,” Nienu said.

So if the Government really wanted to remove the “VIP culture, it should start from the top, Chief Minister down to MLA. “We are all elected Members of this House,” he said. “We are same.”

The NPF MLA, however, lauded the reported news that the new BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along would be using motorbike while going to his office to avoid the traffic congestion in the capital, Kohima. The Minister’s plan was a huge encouragement to them and all other Ministers in the PDA Government should also follow the suit, he added.

But the Minister should continue using his motorbike daily and not for a “show” like going his office by motorbike today and the next day by a vehicle, Nienu said.


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