Zeliang resigned as Chief Minister of Nagaland, assured for Naga cause, constructive Opposition

KOHIMA, Mar 6 (NEPS): Chief Minister TR Zeliang has resigned as Chief Minister of Nagaland today and assured the Naga people that they would extend full support to the “new Government wherever the action of the Government is in the larger interest of the Naga people apart from playing a constructive role of Opposition in furthering the overall cause of the Nagas.”

Addressing a Press Conference at the CMO, Kohima, on Tuesday, he said the NPF Legislature Party comprising of 27 newly elected MLAs met on March 4 and unanimously elected him to be the Leader of NPF Legislature Party in the newly elected Assembly.

“Immediately thereafter, I met the Honorable Governor at Kohima and staked my claim to form the next Government since NPF was the single largest party which had the pre-poll agreement with JDU and NPP and a letter of support to that effect was submitted to the Governor,” he said.

Zeliang further stated that the Nation under the leadership of Narendra Modi was on a new developmental trajectory. “Nagaland cannot be left out of the vigorous developmental process,” he added.

He also disclosed that an “honorable and acceptable settlement” to the Naga political issue, in pursuance of the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015, was the “fervent wish of the Naga people as a whole.”

“A durable peace in the State may be possible only under a united aegis in the Legislative Assembly,” he said. “The fact that the electorate in Nagaland giving 27 seats to the NPF is a factor that has to be taken into account in all political processes including those of development and peace in Nagaland.”

Keeping in view of the above, Zeliang said he proposed to the BJP leadership in separate communications on March 3, 2018, to the Prime Minister and the President of the BJP, to know the stand of BJP pertaining to the formation of coalition Government as in the past 15 years.

However, after coming to know of the decision of BJP severing ties with NPF, he said he submitted the resignation of the Council of Ministers headed by him today to the Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya with a request to accept the same with immediate effect.

At the same time, he assured the Naga people that they would extend full support to the new Government if they were for the larger interest of the Naga people apart from playing a “constructive role of Opposition in furthering the overall cause of the Nagas.”

Reacting to BJP leader and NEDA Chairman, Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statement that BJP was extending support to NDPP to form a “stable Government” in the State with a view also to bring solution to the Naga issue, Zeliang wondered how there would be a “stable Government” in Nagaland with the support JDU and NPP MLAs when the same parties (JDU and NPP) could overturn their decision overnight.

As far as the resolution of the Naga issue was concerned, they would always be there whether they were in Opposition or not. “There is no confusion about it,” he added. But if they said that their supporting to NDPP was to provide “stable Government,” then it was ridiculous for that fact that they were about to form the Government with those MLAs who run away from them overnight.

Dismissing the remarks of Sarma that Manipur NPF was a “different registered party,” Zeliang said NPF had its Central Office Headquarters at Kohima like their BJP National Office at Delhi. “Manipur NPF is a Unit like BJP Unit in Nagaland,” he said. They could not take an independent decision on their own, he stated.

Expressing his profuse gratitude to the electorate of Nagaland for giving them the massive mandate in favor of NPF making it the “single largest party in the 13th House with 27 seats,” Zeliang said the “history, evolution and service of the NPF to the Naga masses need not be scripted here.” For nearly one and a half decades, NPF had been in the service of the people of Nagaland since the year 2003, he added.


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