Stable Government can only happen if BJP supports NPF – Yitachu

KOHIMA, Mar 5 (NEPS): Former Minister and senior NPF legislator Yitachu questioned the remarks of BJP leader and NEDA Chairman Himanta Biswa Sarma that BJP’s supporting NDPP to form a Government is to provide a “stable Government” in Nagaland.

Sarma, while talking to the press at the Hotel Vivor, Kohima on Monday, said that their supporting to NDPP to form a Government in Nagaland was to provide a stable Government in the State.

Talking to NEPS here at the de Oriental Hotel, Kohima on Monday, Yitachu, who for the fourth time won from the 20 Meluri Assembly Constituency on NPF Ticket this time, termed as ridiculous Sarma’s statement that BJP’s support to NDPP would provide a “stable Government” in Nagaland.

“A stable Government can only happen in Nagaland when they (BJP) support NPF to form a Government,” he stated. Because NPF has 26 MLAs and if BJP with their 12 MLAs extends support to them, there will definitely be a stable Government in Nagaland, he stated. But how can 18 NDPP MLAs provide a stable government in Nagaland with the support of 12 BJP MLAs, because it comes only to 30, though one JDU MLA and one Independent MLA are supporting them? It will be a very unstable Government in Nagaland, he stated.

If BJP really means what they said that “Election for Solution (to Naga Political issue)” and to have a stable Government to realize it, then they should come to NPF to have a stable Government to push for a permanent solution to the issue, he said.

They are only trying to find escaping route from finding a permanent solution to the longstanding Naga political issue, Yitachu said. That is why they are opting for having an “unstable Government” with NDPP to prolong the Naga issue, he added.

In the garb of providing a stable Government, they have gone to NDPP that has only 18 MLAs, but in reality, it is a ploy to delay the solution, he alleged.

“If they really want a stable Government, why are they not supporting NPF that has 27 MLAs,” he questioned. “One thing is sure that BJP is not able to handle the Naga issue.”

On Sarma’s statement that BJP already severed ties with NPF, Yitachu warned that his actions and statements would force for a political re-alignment in the region.

When asked whether there would be another Opposition-less Government in Nagaland, Yitachu said, “There is no way for an Opposition-less Government in Nagaland.”

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