Restrictions on use of Government Guest Houses, Bhawans and State Sadans for holding of political parties’ meeting regarding election purposes

KOHIMA, Feb 1 (NEPS): With the announcement of the schedule for the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland, 2018 by the Election Commission on 18 Januar 2018, the Model Code of Conduct has come into force with immediate effect. The Standing instructions/guidelines of the ECI relating to the use of Rest House, Dak Bungalows and other Government accommodation have been issued for strict enforcement and compliance by all concerned.

That the Commission has taken note of utilization of various State Guest Houses, Bhawans and Sadans at Delhi for election-related activities by some of the political parties. These include holding of party meetings, press conferences and consultations. The Commission after taking all factors into account has decided that no part of such premises are utilized for any political activities of the kind already mentioned. The Resident Commissioners and Liaison Officers of all States and Union Territories at Delhi are hereby instructed to ensure that no violation in this regard is made.

There are, however, no restrictions for use of Bhawans for genuine requirements accommodation of officers and other visitors including political functionaries purely for purposes of their official tour to Delhi. The Resident/Liaison Commissioners are also advised that allocation of rooms should be done in a fair and equitable manner and that it would be improper to provide entire floors and large blocks for exclusive use and for an extended period by political functionaries and parties.

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