NPF to fight 2018 State Polls under leadership of NPF President Dr. Liezietsu and Zeliang as Chief Ministerial candidate if Polls are to be held; DAN allies to cooperate   

KOHIMA, Dec 18 (NEPS):  NPF Legislators had unanimously declared today that they would go to the 2018 State Assembly Elections under the leadership of Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, President of NPF and TR Zeliang, as Chief Ministerial candidate if at all Election is to be conducted.

NPF Legislature Party Meeting held today at State Banquet Hall, Kohima had also unanimously adopted a Five-Point Resolution after discussing among others the political situations.

They reaffirmed “confidence and trust” in the leadership of Dr. Liezietsu and Zeliang while resolving to stand solidly behind the “two visionary leaders as they lead the NPF Party and DAN Govt. forward.”

In keeping with the aspiration of the Naga people for an early resolution to the protracted Naga political issue, the NPF Legislature Party also expressed its deep sense of appreciation to the Party’s leadership for the steps taken in bringing about “understanding and reconciliation” in the NPF Party which was initiated to facilitate a united stand in supporting the “on-going dialogue between the NSCN(IM) and the 6 (six) NNPGs with the Government of India for bringing about an “inclusive, acceptable and an honorable solution to the Naga Political Issue.”

It further appreciated the decision taken for revocation of all “suspension and expulsion orders” against some of Party’s members and “withdrawal of all pending cases from the Court of Law, the Election Commission of India and the office of the Hon’ble Speaker, Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

They also placed on record its deep obligation to remain firmly united in the reconciliation process and the need to continue fostering a congenial atmosphere in the State for facilitating an early settlement to the Naga Political Issue.

Later in the day, DAN Legislature Party Meeting was also held at State Banquet Hall, Kohima. In which, they deeply appreciated the rapprochement and reconciliation bringing all NPG legislators together under Dr. Liezietsu and Zeliang.

They also reaffirmed and endorsed the Five-Point resolution adopted by the NPF Legislature Party today.

They also urged upon all DAN Party Members to co-operate and work in unison for successful return in the 2018 State Assembly Elections under the Leadership of Dr. Liezietsu, Chairman, Democratic Alliance of Nagaland and Zeliang, as the Chief Ministerial Candidate if at all Election is to be conducted.

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