DIMAPUR, Dec 9 (DPRO): Performance of Highway 69 band from Ranchi during the Hornbill International Rock contest  (HIRC) with their brutal grooves, mesmerizing stage performance, hyperactive drumming, quality bass lines and high pitched vocals, fascinated the mammoth frenzy music fans of Dimapur, wanting them more and more. The four-member metal band truly brought back the metal music scene to life, with their performance giving a worthy treat to the metal headed lovers of Nagaland, despite the harrowing traffic snarls and the chilly cold weather they encountered. Best drummer award of HIRC 2017 was bagged by John Raj Swaami with his mesmerizing performance.

Formed in the year 2012, Highway 69 is so called as members from different rock bands mashed up together and formed the band. Interacting with DPRO Dimapur after their performance, Vocalist of the band, Tarang Kerketta said the objective and motto of Highway 69 is, “TO EXPRESS RATHER THAN TO IMPRESS.” He further disclosed that their compositions are all related to social issues which are emotionally communicative. Supporting his statement, Tarang went on to say that one of the songs titled “Disturb ” which the band belted out during the grand finale was written by him after watching the documentary of the Delhi Rape case 2012. The song talks about Women Empowerment, he maintained.

The band members were seen visibly impressed with the way the HIRC was organized. They lauded the Government of Nagaland and the organizers, pointing out that the event was managed flawlessly and unbiased with equal rules and regulations to every band including the local bands.  “Volunteers on the job, sound system, bands coordination, accommodation and every bit of the event was so well managed and we feel so good to be part of HIRC where bands from all over the world participated,” Tarang expressed. The band members while observing the very rich rock culture in the North East commented that metal music scene is rapidly growing in the N.E. region. Highway 69 band comprising of Tarang Kerketta (vocals) Binit Barla (Bass and backing vocals) Aalvin Rozario  (guitar) and John Raj (drums) all tribal Christians from Ranchi would be competing in the Mood Indigo IT, LIVE WIRE, IIT BOMBAY on 21st December 2017, where they have already cleared the zonal round.

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