KISAMA, Dec 7: Day seven of the Hornbill Festival, 2017 witnessed colourful cultural events, displaying the rich and diverse culture and tradition of the Nagas to the visitors at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama. The Chief Guest for the day was Lt. Gen. Abhay Krishna UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, GOC-IN-C Eastern Command and the Guest of Honour was Sumit Mitra, Board Member, Godrej Industries and Associated Companies.  The event was hosted by Parliamentary Secretary, Technical Education, Thomas Ngullie.

The cultural presentation began with a Song of Feast, Müyanberü Müyampuhrü Jiyuk Achihkhün by Yimchungrü tribe. The dance represents showcasing one’s credibility, possession, wealth and popularity and to gain higher social status. The gathering enchants song, acknowledging the gesture of the host, invoking their blessings upon the host family.

Khüng Pupbü women’s forehead tattooed dance by Chang tribe, representing the tradition where the ladies of the Ung clan foreheads are tattooed as a mark of identification. The folk dance and song called Ponchon Lona Benkai Oli Eri Nandang Shari Okhen by Lotha tribe represents the clearing of the jungle, sowing of seeds, weeding and harvesting. The post harvest festival, Lao Mo of the Konyak tribe is celebrated after a bountiful harvest as thanksgiving celebration to the gods.

The folk song Badi Dake Nai Ade by Garo tribe is sung where drum beats of bachelors uproariously reverberate and eat rice cooked by the hands of damsels, from the winnowing fan. The Rengma tribe presented a folk song, Gunyon Kenshen. Grain grinding song by Sangtam tribe represents a bountiful harvest where the grains are collected for grinding. A wooden pounding table and a long wooden pestle is used to grind the grains. The folk song Nau ü Asho by Phom tribe presented a lullaby song which is sung by a young babysitter girl in the village when their parents are away in the fields. While taking care of their kin, they would come together and sing.

The 7th day of the Hornbill festival was marked by the presence of Youth Net and a host of dignitaries – Rahul Gama, Head of HR of Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Vikas Goswami, Head Of Sustainibility Godrej Industries (GCPL), Narendra Ambwani, Independent Director of GCPL, Sagarika Bose, Lead Sustainibility Godrej Industries, Amrita Pur-ka-yastha, Board Manager of B-Blunt and Poulomi Pal, Deputy General Manager of Sustainibility of Godrej Goods and Green.

Earlier, the morning session of the cultural extravaganza witnessed the performances  by various cultural troupes, namely  Apukhu Kiti leg fight by sumi  tribe ,Tug of war by Chakhesang tribe  , Khulkon Lam folk dance  by Kuki tribe, Hecha Lim Python Dance by Zeliang tribe , Arpu Tsungsang war Dance by Ao triben , Nan Dihonba Folk drama by Kachari tribe, Elie Zuihang  Victory dance by Khiamniungan tribe,  Muru Kowthring Folk dance by Pochury tribe, Niechüthunonyü  Indegenious game by Angami tribe .

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