Governor Acharya chose to play with sentiment of Naga issue to cover up his unconstitutional acts, says Yitachu

KOHIMA, Nov 3 (NEPS): The attacks on the State Governor PB Acharya for his unconstitutional misadventure in the State of Nagaland by Dr. Shurhozelie led NPF legislators and its leaders have now reached the sensitive Naga political issue.

Continuing his salvo, former Minister and senior NPF MLA, Yitachu, while speaking on the 10th Day of “dharna” of NPF Central Youth Wing near Civil Secretariat on Friday, termed as “most unfortunate” Governor Acharya’s choosing to play with the sentiment of Naga people’s most dear issue – “the Naga political issue.”

Yitachu said soon after installing the “unconstitutional Government of TR Zeliang” on July 19, the Governor went on to justify his misadventure saying that it was “DAN crisis.” After two months, while talking to the Press, he said it was “NPF internal issue.” However, in order to cover up his “unconstitutional misadventures,” he further chose to play with the sentiment of Nagas’ most dear issue, the Naga political issue, by announcing that the solution to the Naga issue would come within one month, the NPF MLA disclosed.

The NPF MLA further disclosed that before becoming the Governor of Nagaland, Acharya spent about 50 years in Nagaland working to promote their political and RSS ideologies by walking around on foot, traveling in rickshaws, mingling with common men. In this long 50 years in Nagaland, Acharya came to know very well about the Naga people’s most dear issue – their political issue. That was why he thought he could divert the minds of the Naga people by playing with the sentiment of the Naga people by saying that Naga issue would be resolved within one month. “Where was that solution now and what made him hate the Nagas when he spent about 50 years in Nagaland?” Yitachu asked and termed as “most unfortunate” his statement.

“We are prepared to cooperate with PB Acharya so long the Naga issue is solved even though he violates the Indian Constitution,” Yitachu said. But they knew he was only “playing with the sentiments of the Naga people.” “We know now that all these are fabricated to prolong his design,” he added.

But from his game plan, it was clearly seen that he chose to play with the sentiment of the Naga issue only to cover up his unconstitutional activities in Nagaland. That was why they would continue to expose his sinister design and unconstitutional acts till the rule of law was restored in the State of Nagaland, Yitachu said.

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