Awareness program on Child Protection held at Mon

MON, Sept 21: Awareness program on Child Protection for Village Child Protection Level Committee & Ward Level Child Protection Committee was held on Wednesday at DRDA Hall, Mon. The programme was organized by District Child Protection Unit in collaboration with Mon Child Welfare Committee, Mon ADP and World Vision India

SDO Civil Mon, Kumar Ramnikant, IAS, while addressing the gathering, said children were the future of their society and nation and it was the responsibility of every parent to secure the future by protecting the children, therefore, parents and society needed to be given awareness on child protection.

DCPO Mon, Samuel Kapu also elaborated on the roles and responsibilities of VLCPC & WLCPC and urged them to join hands and work together in securing the future of children since child abuse had been a daily story in many districts including Mon. He urged the committee not to compromise the cases within the parents but take it to the higher committee since it affected the future of a victim. He said when the case was compromised the feelings of a victim was not known and justice was not delivered as well. He also urged the parents to provide data of how many children were sent as a domestic helper and also the address where they were kept so that together the parents and Child Protection Committee at different levels could protect and secure the future of the child.

Advocate, Mannon Konyak deliberated on Child protection- issues and challenges in District. She stated that the problems cropped up due to early marriage, family alliance, lack of awareness and family planning. She added that it was the duty of every parent to protect the child right from the womb. Therefore the child had the right to survive, live with dignity, good health care & drinking water, education, relax & play, protection from violence, protection from physical abuse.

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