‘Youth Voters’ Festival’ commences

JAKHAMA, Sept 4: A seminar on ‘Increasing Qualitative Participation in Terms of Ethical and Informed Voting’ was conducted, as part of the ‘Youth Voters’ Festival’ on 4th September 2017, at Sazolie College, Jotsoma. Resource persons were Deputy Director ATI, Dr. Hovithal Sothu and Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kohima T. L. Kiusumong Tikhir.

The seminar was conducted in tune with Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) campaign. Dr. Hovithal, also a campaigner of Clean Election, stressed on the need for cleaning the electoral roll of bogus voters and cited example of villages where number of electorate is more than the total population. He said that one way of cleaning the electoral system can be, by pressurizing the government to connect the Aadhaar card to electoral roll. In Nagaland, he said, corrupt election practices have become so entrenched in a ‘vicious circle’ that the public blame candidate and candidate blame the public. He mentioned that some candidates have confessed to being tired of buying votes but are forced to because the public demands it.

Calling upon the youth to raise their voice against evil practices and start demanding better roads, better facilities, technical and medical institutions. It is high time, he said, things should change and youths can play an important role in this. He also warned the students of the various subtle ways in which candidates will try to bribe them. He further encouraged the students to be the ‘salt and light’, to sensitize people in choosing the right candidate and be messengers of Clean Election movement

ADC, Kohima also informed the students who have not yet enrolled to get their names enrolled in their constituency. He encouraged the students to partake in election and not just voice their opinions in social media and spoke about the importance of participating in a democracy and one way of it is by voting, which can make true difference.

Altogether 8 colleges from Kohima took part in the event which also saw an interactive session with resource persons where instances of unfair means being used during elections and what ways in which it can be rectified were also discussed. The event will be held from 4th -8th September and is an initiative of DC and DEO, Kohima. Principal Sazolie College, Dr. Kangzang informed that the 12th Inter-Collegiate Debate will be held on 22nd September 2017 at Sazolie College on the motion-‘Can Election be a reality in Nagaland’.

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