Nagaland Governor’s Teachers’ Day Message

The full text of the Governor’s message on the occasion of Teacher’s Day is as follows:

“On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, I have great pleasure in extending my greetings and felicitations to teachers throughout the State of Nagaland.

Teachers’ Day is an occasion when we recognise the dedicated services of the teachers of our nation, who are engaged in building and strengthening the intellectual and ethical foundations of our children.

A teacher is one of the most regarded professions in the society and is respected as next to God. Every successful person remembers with joy and pride the elementary school days and their teachers. However, the greed for easy money has changed the scenario and education has become a business. Government appointed teachers are getting good salary compared to private school teachers but some of the Government teachers escape from their duties by appointing proxy teachers against their name in the place of postings. Even though it is a small section of government teachers carrying out such practices, it cannot be pardoned by God and the Government. Such practice should stop.

Teaching is not just another profession but is a divine responsibility to guide and enlighten. The influences and experiences you share with your students will remain with them for a lifetime. You are also laying the foundation and the building blocks of the society. This is a responsibility of great significance because on this depends how our present and future generations will thrive. Teachers should be the ‘Game Changer’ and socially accountable. Our students, when they come out, must be an asset to the society, employable, create wealth out of our natural resources.

In the present day, learning is often equated with either collection of information or mastery of skills for occupations and Jobs. Yes, that is important but I call upon you to widen the horizon of thinking of your students. Encourage them to think critically about broader issues concerning our Nation, society and the environment. Our goal must be to create good Citizens who are capable of preserving the past and creating the future.

Lessons in good citizenship inculcated at a young age will go a long way in creating a better society. This could be as simple as traffic rules, cleanliness, gender sensitization, concern for the weak and reverence for the elders. Let us re-dedicate ourselves to this task and this duty.

I convey my good wishes to the entire teaching community and express gratitude on behalf of the people of Nagaland for their lifetime of dedication and commitment to the great cause of educating our youth.”

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