After Myanmar’s unsuccessful border fencing in Pangsha areas, Indian armies allegedly stopping Nagas of border Myanmar from coming to Nagaland side for not having ADHAAR Cards

Some months back, there was hue and cry after Myanmar Government started constructing border demarcation fencing with India in Naga areas, particularly in Pangsha areas. Such move had also created a massive roadblock to the ongoing peace mission by leaders of various Naga civil societies. Myanmar foreign ministry explained that it would build border demarcation fencing with India under the countries’ border agreement. They would construct the fence in Naga self-administered zone, 10 meters from the demarcation border line. Actually, such border fencing is not necessary as people from the same community such as Khiamniungan, Konyak and Pochury had been living in these areas on both sides of the border. The border demarcation fencing issue forced Chief Minister TR Zeliang urging the PM and Union Home Minister to intervene, even Governor PB Acharya expressed his concern while addressing 15th Session of the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly on 21 March this year, besides the Nagaland Assembly moving a historic resolution on 28 March 2017 impressing upon the Myanmar Government to permanently drop the project for construction of fencing on the Indo-Myanmar border in the State of Nagaland with a view to continuing the cordial and fraternal relations amongst the Nagas living on both sides of the borders.

Now after the Myanmar Government has almost abandoned the ongoing construction of fencing on the Indo-Myanmar border, the Indian armies allegedly start stopping Nagas of border Myanmar from coming to Nagaland side, particularly in Lungwa areas, International Trade Center (ITC) under Nagaland’s Mon District, for not having ADHAAR Cards. Many Nagas from across the International border come to Nagaland side daily for buying salt and other kitchen provisions. In any case, Nagas living in Myanmar side are not necessary ADHAAR cards but the restriction allegedly imposing on the innocent Nagas from coming to Indian side for not possessing ADHAAR card is ridiculous. The Government should immediately intervene in it.


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