Chief Secretary, LRD and Coffee Board officials visited Coffee Nurseries and Plantations in Kohima areas

KOHIMA, Aug 5 (NEPS): State Chief Secretary Mr. Pankaj Kumar, IAS, Secretary of Land Resource Department (LRD) Mr. Y Kikheto Sema, IAS, Director, LRD Mr. Hoto and host of LRD Officials along with Officials from Coffee Board of India (CBI) that included Dr. VR Gudde Gowda, Joint Director (Extension), Mr. PP Choudhury, Deputy Director (Extension), Mr. Uday Pandit, Ms. Sentiyangla and Mr. Kandarpa have visited Coffee Nurseries and Plantation Sites in and around Kohima today.

They visited the Coffee Nursery at Nerhe Pheza, Coffee Plantation at Tsiesema, Coffee Plantation at L Khel, Kohima Village and the Coffee Nursery and Coffee Plantation at P Phek, Kohima Village.

After visiting the Coffee Nursery and Plantation site at P Khel area, all the officials with farmers gathered near the farm expressing and sharing about their field visits.

Expressing his happiness after visiting the Coffee Plantation sites and Nurseries, the Chief Secretary lauded the efforts of the LRD Officials and also CBI’s coming forward for the sustainable Coffee Plantations in the State.

Explaining as to how they would struggle for the next few years before getting money, Kumar said they had to be patient in maintaining the coffee growing for at least 4 years, and after that period, they would yield. The coffee would give them sustainable economy, he added.

Describing as quite encouraging the visiting of the Coffee Nurseries and Plantations, the Chief Secretary also assured that the sustainable way of resources for rising seedlings would be looked into.

Stating that Nagaland coffee was the best coffee in the world, Sema said they had a series of meetings with the officials of CBI as to how they would start coffee plantations in the State. He further disclosed that with the meagre fund they had started to carry out coffee plantations in the State. Now coffee growers were doing well in the State with the department helping them.

He also said the Nagaland coffee would be in international markets through the Naga Coffee Private Limited (NCPL).

He explained that they were focusing on a few commercial ones – rubber, coffee and cardamom. He said rubber plantation was doing well in Wokha, Mokokchung and Peren districts but they were not suitable in places like Phek and Zunheboto. So they would go according to the suitability of the areas.

Dr. Gowda also expressed his happiness that the Chief Secretary travelled with them and seen himself about the Coffee Nurseries and Plantations. This would surely push the movement further, he added. He said coffee would give economic sustenance to the farmers and assured the Naga coffee growers that they would do whatever possible to see that coffee growing in the State yield well.

Former NAPO President V Rutsa also spoke on the occasion. He also narrated his experience of planting coffee in the past, while saying his happiness that now the Department was coming forward providing assistance and also helping how to cultivate the coffee.

Hoto also thanked the Chief Secretary and his lady wife for visiting the Coffee Nurseries and Plantations along with the LRD officials, CBI officials. He thanked the Kohima Village people for cooperating throughout the field visits. He also requested the CBI to open its Office at Kohima so as to enable to look after the increasing coffee plantation works in the State.

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