Dr. Shurhozelie said Governor turned Raj Bhavan Kohima into BJP Central Office


KOHIMA, Jul 20 (NEPS): Former Nagaland Chief Minister Dr. Shurhozelie criticized the Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya for dismissing his NPF-led DAN Government yesterday without assigning any reason.

Addressing a Press Conference this afternoon at his official residence here on Thursday, the veteran regionalist termed as “illegal and unconstitutional” the dismissal of his Government by the Governor.

Dr. Shurhozelie said they all knew Acharya’s intention that he was working how to install a “BJP Government in Nagaland.”

“The Governor has installed his Haraka boy as Chief Minister. He must be happy,” Dr. Shurhozelie said and further added that he had to come out with the fact and the Naga people must know.

“We understand his intention,” he said. “The Raj Bhavan Kohima has been turned into a BJP Central Office where Governor himself is the main BJP player.”

“Therefore, with this Governor, there will be no justice for me,” he asserted.

Stating the Governor’s attempt to justify that he had given sufficient time to him for “Floor Test” was a “white lie and like a High School boy taking part in a school debate,” Dr. Shurhozelie said he only received the letter asking him to move a Confidence Motion of his Government at 6 PM on 18 July. “In the letter, he (Governor) asked me to prove majority at 9:30 AM next day. By the time some of our legislators were away,” he disclosed. “So I wrote to the Governor to kindly consider another date.”

He further alleged that through understanding, the NPF dissident group went to Assembly to transact only one agenda that is “Chief Minister to move Confidence Motion.” But there was no one putting up any “Confidence Motion,” he said and further expressed wondered as to how the Speaker would conduct. So the Assembly was adjourned Sine-die and afterward the Governor dismissed his Government without assigning any reason, he pointed out.


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