Dr. Shurhozelie asked Konyaks to keep institution of Angh in positive way

MON, Apr 4 (NEPS): Nagaland Chief Minister Dr. Shurhozelie, while acknowledging the fasting changing global scenario, requested the Konyak people to keep the institution of Angh in a positive way. He said this while gracing the Aoleang Monyu festival of the Konyak tribe as Chief Guest here at Local Ground on Tuesday.

The Chief Minister said the sanctity and honor should be preserved without compromising the human development. Although they were facing the transition period, the Nagas should preserve the culture and traditions. Initiatives taken for recapturing of their culture and tradition by various tribes were a positive sign and the culture, which they were practising now, should be passed on to their next generation, he added.

Dr. Shurhozelie said festival was a time to visit one another and to make a good relationship with one another. During such occasion, they were showing their strength and warrior skills and “Nagas are not complete without this,” he said. He also recalled what the British called the Konyaks as “sleeping lion.”

He also said the “4th April is an important day for the Nagas” as during World War II, the Japanese soldiers reached Kohima on 4th April 1944. It was also a great day for the Konyak people observing Aoleang Monyu festival during his maiden visit after he assumed office as the Chief Minister.

Appealing Nagas to live as one family, Dr. Shurhozelie stated that they should take initiatives to remove the backward tag of the tribes. He further appreciated the Konyak people for their support during the last Urban Local Bodies Election though it was  declared null and void by the Government due to various reasons.

Director, NEC Energy Pvt.Ltd, Sapu Bathtacharyya, who was the special guest during the Aoleang Monyu 2017, said they all lived with hope and this hope should be focused on God. He appreciated the Konyaks for preserving the rich culture and traditions which had been passed down from their ancestors since time immemorial.

He also said that the relationship between Assamese and Konyaks had been good since many years ago and it should be maintained.

Moiya N. Konyak read out the significance of Aoleang Monyu. Sheanghah Union Mon town presented a Warrior display.

The cultural dances were presented by various cultural troupes from Chen Nokten Union, Mon Union, Totok Union, Longching Union, Tang Union, Wakching Union, Lonkei Union, Shangyin, Chi Union and Hongphoi Union. The program was chaired by L.Tongang Konyak, invocation by Rev.Honlong Yanlem, Principal-MTC and introduction by S.Manlip Konyak, President KU.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by Parliamentary Secretaries, Y.M. Yollow, E.E. Pangteang, N.Thongwang, Eshak, and L. Khumo Khiamniungan.

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