Yitachu explained about nil results

KOHIMA, Mar 24: Replying to a starred question by Mmhonlumo Kikon MLA during the 15th session of 12th assembly on 24th March 2017, on how many schools in Nagaland have secured nil results in HSLC examination for the year 2014-2016, Minster for School Education furnished the details as 24, 38 and 30 in the year 2014, 15 and 16.

Also replying to the remedial measures taken by the School Education Department to improve the High School Leaving Certificate results in government high schools, the Minister mentioned remedial measures like rationalization of school and teachers, posting of headmasters and assistant headmasters to school where there was needed, appointments of math and science teacher during freezing period, coaching classes etc. have been taken by the School Education Department to improve the HSLC results in the Government High Schools. He further went on to say that strengthening, monitoring, and inspection of schools were going on and remedial teaching in English, math and science under RMSA and SSA.

Yitachu said that factors like lack of science and math teachers in various schools, particular in RMSA upgraded schools, was the main cause of nil result in HSLC examination. He said that to improve the results in future the Department was trying to revert back the post which had been upgraded to the JEOs without any replacement, and also some posts of science and math teachers which were converted to arts teacher. He further added that such posts would be reverted back and teachers would be identified and sent back to the schools which required science & math teachers.

Also replying to a supplementary question on proxy teachers and ghost teachers raised by Kuzholuzo Nienu, the Minister said that in many villages, their main intention was to first open schools without the intention of educating the children and in some cases, there was no enrolment of students but teachers were stationed to get some incentives. Minster also said that some schools were closed down when such cases were reported to the Department in order to tackle the growing cases of proxy teachers on government schools.

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