Volleyball tournament at Pughoboto

PUGHOBOTO, Mar 23: Former Principal Director H & F Welfare, Dr. Sukhato A Wotsa opened the 2nd Edition of Open Volley Ball Tournament at Aqhiliqa, Pughoboto on 23rd March 2017.

Speaking as the chief guest Dr.Wotsa stressed on avoiding smoking and using tobacco products, to be physically active every day, eat a heart healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, manage blood pressure, control total cholesterol and keep blood sugar healthy. Expressing that the human hearts weight less than a pound (450g) he stated that it beats 100,000 times a day and over 2.5 billion times in the average lifetime. Therefore, he said we need to be take care our blood vessels-arteries, veins and capillaries, which can go over 60,000 miles around the world more than twice.

He also urged upon the participants to take part in the competition with sporting spirits and give zeal to participants in the national and international to bring laurels for the state. President, Exilir Sporting club Pughoboto Inoka Sheqi in his presidential addressed welcomed all the participants in the events.

All together 15 teams are participating in the tournament including nine male teams and six women teams. The male teams include Mukali centre club, Vivid Guys Yepaqa, Iphonu youth organization, Fabled Sporting Club, Dimapur, Pughoboto Youth Organisation, Litta Old Village club. Zunheboto, Veteran club, Laza Lyinu, Natsumi village sport association, Highland Tseminyu. The women teams include Llimi Logi Yepaqa, Wild United Laza, Centre Club Mukhali, Laza GHS, Pughoboto Town, Dazzle Club Pughoboto.

In the first match (male), last year’s champion Mukali center club defeated the Vivid Guys Yepaqa.

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