Shürhozelie meets AHoDs and HoDs

KOHIMA, Feb 23: Chief Minister, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu held a meeting with the AHoDs and HoDs at the Secretariat conference hall on 23rd February 2017 along with his Cabinet Ministers.

The Chief Minister held the meeting in order to get acquainted with the bureaucrats and also to receive queries from them. He said all the bureaucrats are part of the government along with the legislators and the successful implementation of government policies depend on the executives. Dr. Shürhozelie mentioned that our state totally depends on central government in order to work out, he requested that all the offices in all the districts to maintain office hours and set the offices in order since a lot of time have been wasted.

Cabinet Minister, Yitachu also appealed to all the Bureaucrats and the elected members to take moral responsibility in order to develop our society. He stressed on the random appointment of government servants which needs to be checked. “We won’t have a single penny left for development if we continue spending on salaries”, Yitachu added. With the appointment of new Chief Minister, he expressed hope that a lot of corrective measures would be made.

Addressing the media at his office, the Chief Minister expressed his sadness over the loss of the lives of the Naga youths during the unrest and that he and his colleagues share the grieves of their parents and families. The Chief Minister said that he and his colleagues will be visiting their graveyard to pay their respect and to lay reeds on their graves.

The Chief Minister lamented that Nagas have suffered a great loss in many things including our economy. He stated that his priority is to bring back normalcy to the state since without normalcy and complete understanding among the people our state cannot progress.

Dr. Shürhozelie said that the government had everything at its disposal to control the mob but avoided confrontation during the agitation. The damage which was done will be rebuilt with better buildings in the days to come. He also mentioned that time will tell us on what action will be taken for those government employees who had participated in agitating towards the government.

And in regard to Manipur state election, he stated Hill’s people have 20 seats and for that NPF had issued 14 (fourteen) ticket to those who sought to contest in the forthcoming election. The NPF party has already kicked-off the election campaign in hill areas and will continue to send NPF leaders batch-wise for campaigning. The Chief Minister also asserted that Meiteis will always be our brothers and sisters and advocated to remain good neighbor.

The Chief Minister in his concluding remark requested all the media persons to project the better side of Nagaland to the outside world.

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