Cultural extravaganza on day 7 of the Hornbill Festival

KISAMA, Dec 7: The Seventh day of the Hornbill festival witnessed rich cultural dances performed by the various cultural troupes displaying the diverse but beautiful cultural traditions of the Nagas at Hertiage village, Kisama.

The Cultural items of the day included Kachinha dance by Yehemi  Cultural troupe ( Sumi), wangala Dance by Ekhanipathar village cultural troupe ( Dimapur) Garo, Khulkon Lam by Phaijol village cultural troupe (kuki), Chai Chai Lim by Nsong Village cultural troupe ( Zeliang), ArrAtsutepa by Waromong Village Cultural Troupe ( Ao), BwdanBw dance by the Kachari cultural troupe Purana Bazaar (Dimapur), Nok-lee dance by Pathso ( khiamniungan) and Khwizhll dance by the Phoyisha Range Cultural troupe ( Pochury)

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