Government notifies on creation of dedicated SDRF

KOHIMA, Nov 24: The Government of Nagaland has notified the creation of a dedicated State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) with 240 personnels drawn from the Civil Defence & Home Guards for providing timely and effective response to any Disaster which may affect the state. The 240 personnel’s would be posted in groups of 30(thirty) each at eight strategic locations across the state.

The dedicated Nagaland State Disaster Response Force shall carry out community awareness and training programmes on Disaster Management during peace/normal times.

The SDRF shall be placed under the control of the Commandant General of Civil Defence &Home Guards at the State level and District Commandant of Home Guards & Civil Defence at the District level.

The Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) shall in co-ordination with Commandant General of Home Guards & Civil Defence requisition and utilise the services of SDRF at the State level.

At the district level, the Chairman of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) shall requisition the services of SDRF as and when required with due intimation to the NSDMA.

In an event of emergency the SDRF shall act as a first call of response in the search & rescue operations.

The Civil Defence & Home Guards shall co-ordinate with NSDMA in developing annual community awareness program and familiarization exercise (FAMEX) for SDRF and submit the same for approval of State Executive Committee (SEC).

At the district level the District Commandant, Civil Defence & Home Guards shall co­ordinate with the Chairman of DDMA to carry out community awareness program and familiarization exercise (FAMEX) approved by State Executive Committee (SEC) during normal times and Search & Rescue operation in the event of Emergency.

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