Governor, CM joins Chaga Gadi festivities

KOHIMA, Oct 31: Chaga Gadi and Langstmnyi, a premier festival of the Zeliangs, was observed at the NSF Solidarity Park, Kohima on 31st Oct 2016 with Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya as the chief guest and Chief Minister T.R Zeliang as the chief host.

P.B Acharya, Governor of Nagaland in his speech said that he is honoured to participate in the auspicious festival which has been given to us by ancestors to keep our family ties and to strengthen it. The dance and drama is an expression of thanks given to love Almighty God, he said. He stated that India belongs to villages and the upliftment of the villages and village life is the upliftment of the country. He said that the cities and towns are shining but in the villages the fruits of Independence are yet to reach them. He emphasised that our identities are our culture wherever one may be. The governor also mentioned on the importance of the mother tongue stating that we are slowly and unfortunately losing the mother tongue. He urged one and all to make Nagaland rich and work for the society.

The Chief Host, Chief Minister of Nagaland, T.R.Zeliang explained that tribal festivals are normally associated with different phases of jhum cultivation cycle which are for invoking God’s blessings on harvest. He called on the gathering recreate the flavor and purpose and also to re-discover the value and dignity of labour and hard work as festivals are being celebrated so as to make the celebration more meaningful. T.R Zeliang also viewed that festivals are one of the best ways to preserve the unique identity and cultures of the Nagas.

The Chief Minister called all to try and use tribal festivals to foster community bond amongst members of the community and also between members of various tribal and stated that the need of the moment was unity and brotherhood. ‘Only through our unity and oneness that the Naga political issue can be resolved in a peace and satisfactory manner’, he commented.

Advisor, ZBK, Kelei Zeliang explained that Langsimnyi festival is celebrated with great prompt and gaiety by the Zeliang people in the month of October. The festival marks the belief that the Almighty God showers blessing and brings good harvest and health and also of the rebinding of relationships. He further explained that Chega Gadi is a festival celebrated honouring womenfolk for their participation with men in carving livelihood for their family for the year. It is a thanks giving festival which is celebrated in October every year to show the highest degree of honouring women, he further stated.

The celebration witnessed cultural items performed by Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei cultural groups. President, ZBK, Kairinpibou Chnawang delivered the welcome address while the vote of thanks was proposed by Advisor, ZBK, Alan Gonmei.

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