Governor for improvement of NF Railway Station Dimapur

KOHIMA, Oct 17: Nagaland State Governor P.B. Acharya has initiated various projects for improvement of the  NF Railway Dimapur station (DMV), such as improvement of unreserved ticketing system counters, (UTS), Ticket checking, Parking space for differently abled persons, Enhancement of storage capacity of FCI, Cleanliness and sitting up of round the clock security.

Under the initiative of the Governor, the Dimapur Railway station (DMV) has introduced four unreserved ticketing system (UTS) counters on 10- 8-16. With the introduction of this counters ticketing become easy and the counters are dealing with more than thousand ticketing in a day. To keep the station clean, the DMV is constantly inspecting the premises and also conducts counseling to the commuters on cleanliness and it also imposes fine to those who litter the station.

For improvement of the DMV station a committee has been set up headed by ADRM/ LMG to accept and address any suggestion submitted from its commuters and general public.

The initiative also includes separate parking area for differently abled person for which the railway authority has earmarked parking area and a tender has been floated for parking contract which will be open this month, besides regular frisking of passengers luggage for security, CCTV cameras has been installed and security forces are being provided round the clock to secure the station.

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