Ao, Lotha, Sumi legislators appeal Ao Senden, Lotha Hoho, Sumi Hoho to reconsider their decision to break away from Naga Hoho

KOHIMA, Sept 27 (NEPS): Ao, Lotha and Sumi legislators have jointly appealed to the Ao Senden, Lotha Hoho and Sumi Hoho to reconsider their decision to break away from the Naga Hoho.

In a joint appeal signed by all legislators belonging to Ao, Lotha and Sumi tribes, they said all the important issues concerning the Nagas must be resolved through “discussions & thorough deliberations among all stakeholders rather than resorting to actions which are detrimental to the unity of the Nagas.”

Appealing the three tribal Hohos and the Naga Hoho to reconsider and resolve all misunderstandings for the “unity & future of the Nagas,” the legislators further requested leaders of all Civil Society Organizations to keep in mind the paramount interest of the people while deliberating on issues pertaining to the future of their people. “Any dispute or misunderstandings can always be resolved through the rich and age-old Naga traditions of dialogue in the spirit of give and take,” they stated.

The legislators also expressed their wholehearted solidarity and willingness to proactively work together with all Civil Society Organizations in days to come.

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