Ao legislators appeal Ao Senden not to take hasty decision of withdrawing from Naga Hoho

KOHIMA, Sept 22 (NEPS): The Ao legislators expressed serious concern on the prevailing situation following the proposed withdrawal of the three Tribal Hohos that constitute the CNTC, namely Sumi Hoho, Lotha Hoho and Ao Senden from the Naga Hoho.

In a release issued on Thursday on behalf of the Ao legislators, Minister for National Highways and Mechanical Engineering Nuklutoshi and Adviser SI Jamir made a fervent appeal to the Ao Senden, an apex body of the Aos, to reconsider the proposal and not to take any “hasty decision” of withdrawing from the Naga Hoho, especially at a juncture when the “Naga political talks with the Government of India is at a crucial stage.” They further said all stakeholders, be it organizations or individuals, “need to stand united and exercise utmost restraint and settle all issues through constructive dialogues in the spirit of give and take.”

The release also stated that the Ao legislators fully appreciated the concerns expressed by the three Tribal Hohos and were of the opinion that “further discussions and deliberations on the pertaining issues is (are) required between all the Civil Society Organizations and the State Government in order to dispel all misgivings and misunderstandings.”

The Ao legislators also expressed their “solidarity and willingness” to proactively cooperate with the Ao Senden on all important issues that “may impact the lives and future of the members of the Ao community in particular and the entire Nagas in general in the days to come.”

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