Lbjo Dzüyie (stream) inaugurated

JAKHAMA, May 2: Lbjo Dzüyie which is the biggest and the longest stream in Viswema village was inaugurated by Rev. Atha Neikha, Pastor, Viswema Baptist Church on 30th April, 2016.

The monolith signifies the common property of Rachü & Zheri khel. A short programme was held where the Chairman of both khels gave a short speech. Chairman, R. Khel Eyongol Neikha acknowledged the youth organization for taking the initiative in bringing both the khels together through understanding and dialogue. Our parents & grandparents must have had misunderstanding and sufferings in early days he said while expressing joy over reconciliation, he said.

Chairman, Z. Khel, Düsü Pucho called upon the gathering that today’s reconciliation and sharing of water from the same stream be the beginning of understanding and walk together for the upliftment of both the khels. He said God has bestowed his wisdom to the youth thereby brought peace and understanding between the two khels was indeed a great achievement, he added.

An elderly person said the stream with a stretch of 5 Km is the biggest and longest in the village where water is irrigated to the village for cultivation.

More than 1000 people irrespective of young and old participated in clearing the stream.

The programme was chaired by President, RYO, Meyiekul Noswe while Mission Director, ABCC, Saphrül Pucho invoked God’s blessing. The special number was presented by Dzüvihol Kweho and friends. Composed song of Rachü-Zheri by Kehodepi Rhütso was also read out. The vote of thanks was proposed by ZYO President, Keyocho Mekro followed by a feast.

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