Union Minister for Science & Technology Dr Vardhan inaugurated Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory at NHAK


KOHIMA, Apr 19 (NEPS): Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Science, Dr Harsh Vardhan has visited the DBT Healthcare Laboratory & Research Center at the Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) on Tuesday.

The Union Minister, while visiting the DBT Healthcare Laboratory & Research Center at the NHAK, has also inaugurated the Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory in presence of State Health and Family Welfare Minister, P Longon. The Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory Project at Naga Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) has been funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Later talking to media persons, the Union Minister expressed his happiness on the setting up of the Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory at Kohima.

Saying that this was his maiden visit to Nagaland, Dr Vardhan admitted that he had received a proposal from the State Health Department and disclosed that he would do his best to implement those demands falling under his Ministry.

While telling him that he should have visited Nagaland hospitals when he was Minister for Health and Family Welfare and then it would have been more meaningful, Dr Vardhan said, “It doesn’t make any difference.” Because such programs (Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory) were under his present Ministry, he stated.

When asked whether he knew that Nagaland did not have a single Medical College, he said, “yes.” He, however, disclosed that a Medical College was coming up in Nagaland. He also pointed out that there were many things which should be implemented by the State.

Earlier, upon his arrival at the NHAK, he was received by Longon and other high ranking officials from the department and doctors of NHAK. After inaugurating the Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory, Dr Vardhan was taken to various laboratory rooms, and expressed his satisfaction.

Longon expressed his appreciation to Dr Vardhan for his visit to the State and specially for inaugurating Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory, Kohima.

He further said that under Dr Vardhan’s leadership, the Medical and Research field in the State had progressed immensely. “After setting up the laboratory, a total of 1, 43,337 number of various laboratory test have been done till date,” he said.

Longon also expressed his gratitude to the Union Minister for extending assistance for the Paragonimiasis Research Laboratory development at Kohima.

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