NERP meeting at Dimapur

DIMAPUR, Apr 4: In regard to National Electoral Roll Purification, Assistant Election Officer, R. Toshi Aier conducted a meeting of the leaders of political parties, Ward Chairmen and representatives of different organizations at DC’s Conference Hall on 2nd April 2016. 

During the meeting, Assistant Election Officer briefed the gathering about the Election Commission's recently declared National Electoral Roll Purification (NERP) programme. He said that during this exercise the main focus would be the registration of electors of 18 & 19 years of age since their percentage is very low in the district. He, therefore, appealed to the gathering to cooperate with the BLOs in their respective areas in the meantime to create awareness and educate the mass for purification of the electoral roll. He further asked the gathering to point out any issues if noticed or give feedback during the exercise. The representatives also gave their suggestions and grievances in regard to the election process. Aier further informed the house that if needed the election officials can be invited to any meetings in gatherings in different places to brief about the process.

He also explained the participants about the Possible Duplicate List software and E roll management software used by the Election Commission. Issues regarding correction of Voter's Identity Card, rationalisation of Polling Station, enrollment of genuine voters, malpractices during elections were also discussed during the meeting.

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