By Oken Jeet Sandham

  1. Many veteran politicians including present legislators had successfully established dozens of private schools over the years. Interestingly, such private school establishment trends still continue unabated.
  2. Even high-profile retired Government officials as well as serving ones also had established many private schools over the years.
  3. Some of them had also successfully established private colleges including theological ones.
  4. They have been pumping crores of rupees in establishing their private school and college empires and now having thousands of students.  
  5. The saddest part is many Government schools are left in dilapidated conditions while thousands of students are yet to get their textbooks.
  6. Even Governor PB Acharya has broken his silence at the precarious situations the poor and helpless students have been facing. He has already written to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister, Nagaland to probe into the educational mess taking place in Nagaland at the earliest.

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