Rahul Gandhi said the Naga Accord vanished into thin air

KOHIMA, Mar 2 (NEPS): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi tore into Prime Minister Narendra Modi today saying that he kept the institutions of the Home Ministry and the Intelligence bureau in the dark about the Naga Accord signed last year on August 3.

Speaking on the Floor of Parliament today, the Congress Vice President asked the Home Minister whether he knew about the Accord. “Did the Nagaland Chief Minister know about the Accord? Did you tell our Chief Ministers about the Accord,” he asked Modi.

Now the most important question was “Where has the Accord gone now?” he asked and told the Parliament that “It has vanished into thin air.” He said, “It has gone with the wind.”

“Is it not an insult to every citizen of those States? Is it not an insult to the institutions of the Home Ministry and the intelligence bureau,” he asked.

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