The destiny lies in your rightful steps, the choice is yours

By Oken Jeet Sandham

Dear youngsters, think for a moment that what your Government, representatives had done in the last one year – forget about the last 10 years. Has anyone in your family members received any benefit from the Government? Is there any visible sign of augmenting development of the existing ones in your respective villages? Have you ever studied that how many Centrally Sponsored Schemes have been coming to State and trickling down to your respective villages? Have you ever studied that how much money had come to the State for development in the State and in your respective villages? The present generations need to wake up and fight for their rights and rightful shares. These schemes are for you. This money is for you. I have seen many educated youths coming up and fearlessly debating on many issues including corruptions, which is cancerous. God has given amazing Information Technology – The Social Media like Facebook. Please use it for productive purpose and not for destructive purpose. I have been advising youngsters when Internet came into our lives that there are only two things we can choose from it (Internet) that is “Either to use it for your advancement or ending you.” The choice is yours.

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