By Oken Jeet Sandham

  1. State Chief Minister or Home Minister should immediately rush to Kiphire and meet the victims’ family members. This way, the affected community will not only have a peace of mind, oneness, and consolation but also sending a positive message to all the communities.
  2. State Chief Minister or Home Minister should immediately meet all the communities – particularly Yimchungers and Sangtams – and tell them what the Government is doing in connection with the unfortunate incident that took place on the night of February 6 at Mongshike Project Area, under Shamator Sub-Division.
  3. The region is sensitive for quite some time and the need of the hour is the Government should step in and should try to work with the leaders of different civil societies to form Peace Committees to spread goodwill so as to remove feelings of fear and hatred in the affected areas. This will be effective not only in dif­fusing communal tensions but also in preventing violence from breaking out. Such steps will also instill in the minds of all the different communities that they are one family.
  4. The State leaders should create an environment that there is a Government for them and that can be only done when they visit them personally and share free and frank minds. They should appeal to various communities to call back those who left their houses, and such measures are immediately needed to restore peace, oneness and one-family mind among the different communities.

(Source: http://okenjeetsandham.in/what-we-should-do-to-defuse-tense-situation-in-nagalands-kiphire-district/)

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