‘Public voice led to decision’

IMPHAL, January 24: Following the government’s decision of shifting temporary market shed for the displaced women vendors from Thangal Bazar to other suitable places, MLA of Thangmeiband constituency Kh Joykishan asserted that the arrival of the bold decision is a success for all the people.

Briefing media persons at his residence this evening, Joykishan said that the government’s decision came in sync with the public’s sentiments, which should be done.

Success in the agitation against the construction of temporary market shed by blocking Thangal Bazar road should not go only to TKDO and the local MLA as it is the collective wish of the people to put a halt to the unwarranted construction, he averred.

Pledging to extend all possible help in constructing temporary market sheds for the aggrieved women vendors in the new proposed areas, Joykishan appreciated all the civil society organizations for supporting the agitation launched.

He also appealed to Thangmeiband United Club (TUC) to withdraw its call of public curfew in protest against the temporary market shed construction by blocking Thangal Bazar road as the government has came up with a new decision regarding sites of the construction.

Admitting that there had been misunderstanding between women vendors and TKDO over the market shed construction which could have been avoided, the MLA promised full assistance from his side and TKDO to women vendors whenever they face any problem.

The misunderstanding cropped up between women vendors and TKDO was due to communication gap. The role of women folk who act as the social servants in shaping the society is of paramount importance, he said.

MLA Joykishan shared grief of those who suffered injuries in the agitation launched against the government’s decision of constructing temporary market shed in an unsuitable place.


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