Nuklutoshi asks students to identify their talents to set their priority

TOBU, Jan 8 (NEPS): Minister for National Highways, Mechanical Engineering and Election, Nuklutoshi called upon the students to identify their areas of talents and set them their “priority” in life.

Speaking as Chef Guest on the occasion of the 32nd Tobu Area Students’ Session cum Sports Meet here on Thursday, the Minister reminded the students that the Nagas were talented in the field of Games and Sports and even many had taken it as a profession. “But the most important thing for us is to recognize our talents and set them our priority in life,” he said.

Emphasizing that it was important and essential to identify their “talents” to be successful in life, Nuklutoshi regretted that in spite of Nagas being branded as “gifted in Games and Sports” with many even saying such rare talents were in their blood, they could hardly make it in the National level.

He, further, called upon the students to be serious and dedicated to their God-given talents and take it more seriously and professionally to reach higher goals in the National and International levels.

Stating that these days, Games and Sports played an important role in their life and even making a large part of their life’s activities in developing a “human personality,” Nuklutoshi compared them as no less important than “food and fresh water.”

He said Sports could bring people together, no matter what origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status they had.

“Games and Sports teach us to be cooperative in life and also teach the importance of teamwork. A player is a member of the team and he has to play not only for his own good but also for the good of the whole team, and cooperation with others for common good,” he said. In this way, he or she proves to be a good citizen.”

The Minister also said, “If health is the wealth, then Games and Sports is the means to get it.” “It creates cheerfulness, discipline, fellowship, confidence and physical fitness,” he added.

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