Orangkong Union Nyengching, Longleng celebrates Ggolden Jubilee

LONGLEN, Dec 17: Orangkong Union Nyengching (OUN) Longleng celebrated its Golden Jubilee under the theme, “In Step with Vision” on Wednesday, in the PBCA Convention Hall, with  Ex-MLA 50 A/C Longleng, M. Shami Angh, as the Chief Guest.

The day started with the unveiling of the monolith in the medical junction, Longleng by the Chief Guest, after which the gathering marched to the Convention hall for the program. In his speech, the chief guest applauded the OUN for overcoming the challenges and bringing a change in the society as a whole. He also encouraged the younger generations to follow the steps of their elders in achieving greater heights.

Speaking on the theme of the Jubilee, “In Step with Vision”, Dr. B. Henshet Phom-Vice Principal Yingli Government College Longleng as the Resource person stressed on the provocative and vital role which can be played by OUN in promoting the people of Longleng District. He further encouraged the union and the younger generation to have a strong vision like our forefathers; who according to him were visionaries.

Short speeches were delivered by Y. Niamko DB, H. Leisha PPC President, Chauchei VCC Orangkong and Y. Denngan Avennoho Phom DC Longleng.

The gathering was hosted by B. Pauloi and T. Lomi started with the welcome address from the Planning Chairman H. Tenchem Phom and special numbers by Orangkong La Union (OLU) Longleng and Orangkong Students’ Union Nyengching Unit, Longleng. Action Committee of the Union enthralled the gathering with a humorous and heart touching play in which they depicted the like-minded individuals who were involved in forming the Union.

In conclusion, President OUN Longleng B. Shamkai Phom thanked the gathering for their prayer and support while the benediction was proclaimed by B. Ngailong, Home Evangelist (ONU).

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