Nagaland Post Celebrates Silver Jubilee Milestone

DIMAPUR, Dec 3: Nagaland Post, the first daily newspaper of the state attained 25 years of its publication, and marking the day a befitting programme was organised today 3rd December, 2015 at Oasis.

Governor of Nagaland, P.B. Acharya who was also present congratulated the Proprietor and Editor in Chief, Nagaland Post, Geoffrey Yaden and whole team of the paper for upholding the best tradition of journalism of being the voice of the people and the voiceless.

“Nagaland  Post is recognised for its proactive role in highlighting the people’s problems and it is through this identification with public causes that Nagaland Post has become an influential, respected and trusted newspaper which is playing its part to make society a better place to live in”, Acharya maintained. The Governor noted that Nagaland Post has been involved in many social activities by initiating many programmes as part of its corporate social responsibility since 2000. He referred to Geoffery  Yaden as a man of high repute in the state with an influential  voice with regard to socio, economic, environment, governance and youth issue. The Governor of Nagaland observed Geoffery Yaden as a person who not only dreams but realises his dreams.

On the occasion he encouraged Yaden to start a T.V. channel, as Nagaland still does not have one, to cater to the news requirement of the state.

He was optimistic that with the celebration of Silver Jubilee, Nagaland Post would grow from strength to strength and continue in its pursuit to change lives.

Chief Minister Nagaland T.R. Zeliang, in his speech said that he was proud to be part of the historic celebration and congratulated Geoffery Yaden and his team for successfully completing 25 years in the service of the people.

On the occasion Zeliang lauded Nagaland Post for consistently striving for journalistic excellence fairly and impartially thereby moulding the opinion of the readers.

Observing that Geoffery Yaden has picked up the right mission, Chief Minister Nagaland described him as a person with a peculiar quality who was not scared of anybody irrespective of status or position but respects everyone. Appreciating his zeal, determination, commitment and humbleness Zeliang wished him to march forward even in future and also reminded him to build up youngsters to uphold the same venture. He expresses deep pride and happiness to Mr  & Mrs. Goeffery Yaden and his team of co-workers for bringing out the newspaper everyday all these years without fail through thick and thin.

Editor in Chief Nagaland Post, Geoffery Yaden, who also shared his experiences on the auspicious occasion, said that he started Nagaland Post, driven by a sense of mission and not ambition.

Recalling the days of the 90s Geoffery said that he found it quite absurd to read news about us from outside the state papers and thus took it as a mission to start a newspaper because people needed it.

Narrating the struggles, difficulties and scepticism of many people when he first started the paper, Yaden said that through all these challenges he has learnt not to hate or despise problems. “Unless you love problems you cannot solve the problems “, he maintained.

With all humbleness he said, 25 years today is a time for thanks giving to our Almighty”. He also acknowledged his wife for standing by him through thick and thin.

Further, Geoffery expressed, “Its everybody’s’ 25th Anniversary because without you there will be no Nagaland Post, so it is a tribute to the support of our people because of which the paper has been able to grow”.

 Stating that there is always room for improvement the Editor in Chief Nagaland Post further assured the people to work with re-commitment and dedication and to make Nagaland Post a catalyst for change.

 NPF President Dr. Shuruzelie also extended greetings to Nagaland Post for their yeoman services rendered to the society and referred the paper as BBC of Nagaland.

Various organisations/communities also felicitated Nagaland Post for reaching a milestone of 25 years.

Her Majesty the Queen mother, Doorji Wangnao Wangchuck, who is the president of and founder of Tarayana also sent a felicitation note to Nagaland Post on their Silver Jubilee Celebration.

Ao Chuba Yaden, son of Geoffrey Yaden congratulated his Dad for achieving the milestone with sheer hard work  and commitment. He further assured to shoulder the responsibilities to reach another milestone in the days to come. Marking the day a short documentary on evolution of Nagaland Post was screened while special songs were presented by Nagaland Music Conservatory Choir and students of Hope Centre for Excellence.

Rev. Dr. Stephen Lee (Malaysia)   invoked God’s blessings on the day.

Host of Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, MLA’s , Advisors, special invitees, media persons from within and outside the state, marketing team from the metro cities and well wishers attended the impressive Silver Jubilee celebration of Nagaland Post.

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