Kohima DPDB day out held at ‘Teqweazou’ Kigwema

KOHIMA, Nov 15: “The District Planning and Development Board is one of the important forums where proper planning with innovative ideas should be planned and executed for the benefits of the people of the district” stated MLA Kropol Vitsu during the Kohima District Planning and Development Board Day Out at Pony farm, ‘Teqwea Zou’ Kigwema on Friday. Speaking on the topic “DPDB as I would like it to be”, he said that the main activities of the DPDB are planning for the benefit of the people, which is the focal point of all the development activities in the district. He, therefore, called upon all the representatives from different departments who are equally important to coordinates with each other in order to tap in the different ideas to be implemented for the people of the district. While appreciating the activities carried out by the Adoption Committees under DPDB, he stated that due to financial constrain the committees could not fulfil all the demands placed by the adoption villages and wards. In this regard, he further requested his other elected members to ponder for earmarking a certain amount for the Committees in the next yearlong programs so that the committee can be bound to take up further decision.

Highlighting of the location was given by the local MLA, Vikho-o Yoshu who apprised the members that the Pony Farm also called as ‘Teqweazou’ which means pits and holes named by the forefathers of Kigwema are being surrounded by Mt. Japfu and Mt. Shurho and is also the trekking route to these mountains. He said that the Veterinary Department has acquired the Pony Farm where the Ponies have been housed and taken care of and at the site also The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC) Company has been setting up camps for tourism with its modern concept providing all the best amenities for the Hornbill Festival 2015 and added that the Company has been here for the third years.

Chairman DPDB and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Resources and Sports, Music Task Force and State Lotteries, Khriehu Liezietsu in his remark stated that the main objective of organizing DPDB Day Out programme away from the conference hall is to interact and build friendly relationship amongst the members and also to have a better knowledge of the particular areas of the district. He, therefore, said that the Pony Farm ‘Teqweazou’ has been picked to have interaction with the local area people and assess for development of the area in whichever possible ways as the board is being represented by various departmental heads. He also congratulated the Team winners of the Adoption Committees for their successful achievements and recommendation which are under process with the departments and government and further wished them to uphold the essence of cooperation in the future too. Observing the encouraging result of the Adoption program, Khriehu said that few more villages and wards will be adopted in the next year’s program and disclosed that the fund has been enhanced to 1.50 lakh for the program.

During the DPDB Day Out, the board also reviewed the last DPDB meeting minutes under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Rovilatuo Mor IAS. The board further deliberated on the agenda of Re-organization and bifurcation of Jakhama block into two blocks i.e Viswema Block and Jakhama Block and DPDB Yearlong programs where the Board decided to approve both the proposals for further necessary action.

The program was chaired by Deputy Commissioner, Rovilatuo Mor IAS while the welcome speech was delivered by SDO (C) Jakhama, S. Athsangla  and words of appreciation was given by Chairman Village Council Kigwema. AP President, Dr. Vilhousa also spoke on the occasion. Kigwema Youth and Music Task Force presented special numbers and ADC Kohima & Convener, Core Committee, DPDB, Kohima Lithrongla Tongpi proposed the vote of thanks.

The Day Out was also marked by Tug of war between the Adoption Committees and balloons bursting amongst the lady officers followed by distribution of prizes.

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