APN TV News Channel soon for Nagaland

KOHIMA, Nov 2 (NEPS): There are hundreds of TV News Channels in the country and many of them are hardly seen coming to the Northeast region. Known National TVs used to come to cover news in many parts of the Northeast only when there were unusual political or social developments. They hardly tried to expand their Channels as permanent Office and Studio, though many local TV Channels have been seen mushrooming over the years.

Soon Nagaland is going to have a National TV Channel Office with proper infrastructures at Kohima. The APN News Network is fully geared now to open its Office with proper infrastructure for first time at Kohima.

They are planning to employ locals as “Anchors, Reporters, Producers, Cameramen” to start off the APN TV News Channel from Nagaland and local news will get at least 30 minutes to one hour slot at National Broadcasting. They even plan to employ locals from Nagaland as news readers at Delhi Office. In fact, APN Network is on a major expansion and recruitment drive now.

For this, the APN New Network is looking for media professionals with experience, talent and commitment from Nagaland for the APN News TV, Kohima.

An interview will be conducted for those interested to become “Anchors, Reporters, Producers, Cameramen” on November 9 & 11, 2015 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Hotel Japfu, Kohima. They should be a graduate. Those looking for internship are also welcome.

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