Liangmai celebrates Chaga Gadi Festival at Kohima

KOHIMA, Oct 31: The Liangmai Community in Kohima celebrated the most important and popular Chaga Gadi Festival at Highland Park near I.G Stadium Kohima, on Saturday. The Naga People Front (NPF) Vice President, Namgangbi Chawang who spoke at the  program appealed to the community to work for the future endeavor and advised the Zeliang community to create peace and renew their friendship with the culture practice which our forefather was doing. He said earlier people came together on the Chaga Gadi festival and shared meals together thereby maintaining their good relationship with other clans.

He also highlighted the significance of the festival where he said that the Zeliangs celebrate Chaga Gadi honoring women folk for their participation & contribution to men in earning the livelihood for the family. This thanksgiving festival is celebrated for the good harvesting for the year. On this festival to show the highest degree of respect for women, men observe abstinence known as “Aliam” wherein any form of relationship with the female is prohibited and the girls will be given a treat with complete rest and feast called “Aliukuangkan” on the other hand, is a purification day for menfolk for luck for accomplishment of all manly task &warriorship.

The Liangmai welfare Society Outgoing General Secretary, Rutmakbo  in his speech mentioned that Zeliang  which is one of the sixteen major tribes of  Nagaland and are indigenous inhabitants of  Peren district and the Liangmai are well known for their cheerful and peace loving  nature. They have a rich culture and tradition heritage marked with numerous festivals for different occasion around the year. The Liangmai indigenously choreograph graceful dance movements, the identity of the Liangmai people in their own right.

The Liangmai Welfare Society Kohima, also unanimously elected new team for the tenure of three years with effect from 2015 to 2018 namely, President Namgangbi Chawang. Vice President Malumlung. Secretary Ratan  Kaurinta, Joint Secretary  Kawirangbo, Treasurer  Namty Newmai, Statistical  Secretary Samuel, Joint Statistic Secretary, Chawangngambo, Cultural Secretary Kawibamdibo, Joint Cultural Secretary Winikam and Sports Secretary Longrenbo. The welfare Society urged the new team to work for the benefit of the community as well as to initiate more social activities in order to bring more closeness within the society.

Chaga Gadi festival celebration program was organized by the Liangmai Welfare Society Kohima and was marked by folk songs and cultural dances.

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