Mindset of suspended and disgruntled leaders responsible for Congress downslide in Nagaland: NPCC

KOHIMA, Oct 20 (NEPS): The NPCC said the mindset of the suspended and disgruntled leaders in Nagaland were responsible for the Party’s downslide from 59 seats in 1998 down to 21 in 2003, 23 in 2008 and paltry 8 in 2013.

These disgruntled leaders shamelessly refused to own moral responsibility for the election debacle and resign on their own, said in a statement issued here by the NPCC. It further alleged that they were responsible for “herding 8 MLAs to NPF led-DAN Government against the direction of AICC and are therefore responsible for the present disqualification petition and attracting disciplinary action.”

Leveling baseless allegations against PCC President K Therie had become an obsession for some few disgruntled leaders, the NPCC statement further said, “It must be understood by all party workers that K Therie was appointed as the new NPCC President by the AICC on May 5, 2015 to arrest the decline of the party that was on the verge of losing its ideological moorings to sail in the same boat with the BJP in the so called all party government.”

“The present tussle is therefore more of a fight over ideological differences and not on individual lines, as some section of disgruntled lot wants to portray,” the statement said and further terming as “hilarious” the manner in which some leaders who were ready to compromise with communal forces were desperate to oust the leader who had staunchly defended the “secular ideology and principles of the INC.”

Stating that after taking over the reins of the party, Therie was specifically instructed by AICC to fill the vacuum created by defection by identifying potential leaders and reorganize the party to be prepared for 2018 assembly elections. “In that spirit, the Executive Committee of NPCC has reaffirmed to revamp and reorganize party at all levels. NPCC has been going slow, thinking better sense will prevail,” it said.

Asserting that the Congress belonged to the people, the NPCC made it clear that some “handful opportunist with hired thugs cannot cower down NPCC to submit its ideologies and principles.” “Opportunists have no philosophy, no religion, no moral and they can forgo family, friends, village and nation. They will be shown the door. 7 plus 5 of them have been served with show cause notice as to why disciplinary action should not be taken for their anti-party activities and misconducts,” it further disclosed.

In the meantime, the NPCC said it had taken cognizance of the repeated allegations made by H Chuba Chang against the Party President, Therie on the offer to join BJP before the later became PCC president. The Party asked him to either substantiate his allegations or publicly apologize within 15 days from the date of this publication. Due legal process will be initiated for defaming the office of the PCC President through his allegations, if he fails to reply within the stipulated time, the NPCC statement said.

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